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 This web site is a collection of material related to the study of ancient rune poems as wisdom poetry. It was created to contain documents reporting on studies of the ancient rune poems, lists of hardcopy materials, and links to other sites relevant to this site’s mission.

This site is maintained by Gary Stanfield. You can contact him at “”.

Currently, the site contains one book in progress, a study of the stanzas of the Old English Rune Poem, The Stanzas of the OERP. Other documents and links to sites and materials on other sites are forthcoming.


The Stanzas of the OERP

This book, The Stanzas of the Old English Rune Poem, analyzes each stanza individually and includes appendices on several related topics. It is part of a planned two-volume work called The OERP Book. The second volume, An Overview of the OERP, will analyze the structure of the poem as a whole, its use in preserving religious lore, and its use in liturgy.

The first edition was published in the late Twentieth Century, in volumes 7 through 11 of a periodical called The Rune. The first edition consisted of one volume, and it was written for an audience of intelligent Pagans and neoPagans.

The second edition is written for those who would teach Teutonic Reconstruction religion, for professional philologists, and for others (Christian and Polytheist) who are interested in a detailed and in-depth analysis of the structure and meanings of the poem. For the first volume, practically all comments that related one stanza to another have been omitted, and the analysis is more technical than in the first edition.

A copy of the second edition's first volume is available here: Stanzas of the OERP.

A copy of the list of references (bibliography), which was omitted from the first volume of in 2012, is available here: List of References.

Stanzas of the Old English Rune Poem by Gary Stanfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

I allow distribution of the book whole and without editing at no charge. I also allow (and encourage) use of the translations in Appendix G without editing and with attribution. If you want to correct errors in edition or translating stanzas or make new translations of the stanzas influenced by my work, take credit for your creation, but I would appreciate the compliment of being acknowledged. Publication of any of this work in translation into another modern language, and other uses not covered by the “fair use” doctrine require permission.

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